One of the most irritating things about dogs is the way they behave like wild animals when food is around. No one likes a ‘jumping on the table’ dog.
If your little friend is begging, scratching, jumping during the meal time, here are a few tips for teaching your Tuffy some table manners:
1. Same Place, Always:
When it’s time to sit down for a meal, lead your dog away from the table to a spot where he can still see you and your family (so he doesn’t feel isolated) and give him commands to sit and stay in that spot. If your dog approaches the table after you’ve told him to stay, calmly lead him back to his spot—do not let him hang around the dinner table! Even if your dog persists and continues to come up to the table, simply repeat the process to show him this is something he MUST do during family meals.

2. Don’t give in:
Giving into your dog after saying “no” the first time only teaches your dog that their begging behavior is working. One of the best ways to show your dog that this behavior doesn’t work is to not give in, ever, once you’ve said “no” the first time.

3. Create a routine:
Let your dog know that he or she gets his or her food at certain times, so that they can learn the difference between their food and your food. You can also distract your dog with their own food by feeding them just before you’re ready to sit down to your own dinner.

4. Never punish:
Your dog will end up confused as he/she won’t understand why they are being punished. You can’t teach your dog not to eat your food or how to eat, it’s your fault.
Don’t punish your Dog

5. Collect the essential supplies:
You’ll need a collar, leash, food and water bowls, food and some toys. It’s important to also pick up a pet cleaning agent and some extra paper towels.

6. Patience:
Lower the food bowl slowly toward the ground. If your dog tries to get the treats, pick the bowl up so he can’t get the treats.

As you can see, meal times can cause dogs to go a little wonky. In the wild they are predators so they do sometimes forget their manners. With a little work they should remember their good behavior.

Always remember “After a good meal, one can forgive anybody, Even if they have been left alone all day.”

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