We are all weird at times in life. From mood swings to doing weird things when no one is watching, everyone has a super weird secret of their own. But hey! That’s pretty much a secret.
While you must be going all perplexed about their eerie escapade, our canine friends are pretty normal with their strange manners. You might find some of these uncanny ways cute, while some will completely gross you out.
Let’s take a look at some of the common uncommon behaviors of our beloved fluffies –
1. Chasing Tails.tail2


When they run in circles over and over again trying to catch their own tail is the funniest thing you’ll see in a dog’s world. You might often wonder that why on earth would they chase their own tails? But as odd as it may seem, there are a couple of reasons why your dog exhibits this kind of behavior. Their natural characteristic is to chase things. Your pup will look at its tail as an enjoyable play-toy to chase around. This becomes a habit over time. In case your dog is not a habitual tail-chaser, chances are that he has a flea or tick problem that needs to be looked upon.

2. Stop eating! That’s your own POOP!

Now this surely seems the weirdest of all! How can they eat their own poop!? I mean, is this for real? My little furry baby is so beautiful and adorable, how can he lower himself down into such filth? And adding to this, it has a scientific name too. Coprophagy is the term for eating feces, which is actually quite common in our canine darlings. The reason to this is the survival instinct in them. In order to keep the enemies away, they eat their poop so that they cannot be tracked. We still love them anyway, don’t we?

3. Scratching the Floor before Sleeping

To humans, this may seem weird seeing someone scratch their beds before dozing off. But to our fluffy friends, it is just like fluffing pillows is for humans. Dogs scratch the floor and turn around in circles before plopping on their bed. Strange as it may sound, it is a natural behavior for all dogs. It is meant to create comfort, warmth and claim their bed territory. Makes sense now, right?

4. Butt Sniffing

Umm. Okay.
So dogs have this habit of sniffing butts of other dogs they meet. They do it turn-wise. It is a way of greeting, just like a handshake is for humans. Weird much? Here’s the reason – by doing this unreal ritual, dogs can find out a list of things about the other dog; their health status, their sex, their diet and even their moods. Call it a superpower (super-curse maybe :/) or whatever, it is known that a dog’s sense of smell is 1,000,000 times more sensitive than humans. They smell and they know. That’s how weirdly cool they are. B-)

5. Licking anything and everything

Yes, we all know the heights of this habit of theirs. Mostly, with domestic dogs, it is due to affection. But this continues for strangers and even other animals sometimes. Studies show that dogs like the salty taste on their owner’s skin. Also, puppies are licked by their mother as soon as they are out of the womb so as to keep them clean and to make them able to breathe properly. This becomes a habit eventually in all dogs.

These are just some of the weird things our cute furies do. But despite of all the gross and weird behaviors, we are deeply and madly crazy for them.

No matter how strange and unreal they get, we can never live without them. Because when it comes to loving your pet, UNCONDITIONAL is just an understatement. 🙂


Tips to capture perfect moments with your pet

We always try to click the joyous moments and playtime with our pets. It’s obvious that we want to save those moments with us and also they dominate social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.But getting the ideal shot of your pet can be a little tricky.

For those  who ended  with only pics of wet noses and tails or a completely uncooperative cat, maybe we can learn together  from these tips:-

  1. Natural light
    You must have known this even before holding the camera i.e. Presence of natural light is always a better source of light to click and avoid flash. If you’re indoors, get your four-legged companion next to white wall.
  1. Avoid Clutter
    You must take care of clutter in background, or if you are more enthusiastic photographer and own a DSLR, manipulate the aperture to create that soft blurred portrait background
  1. Use treats
    Everyone needs a motivation  and for our pets, food is the goal many a times. You can put a treat in front of your camera to get his/her attention. You can also train your pet that camera click means he will get a treat.
  1. Get down with it
    Going level down with your pet will help to build a frame, that will give more of natural look to your image.
  1. Toys
    If your Canine loves squeaky toys, use them to make some eye contact with the camera lens and keep your camera ready, to click “Perfect Picture”. For cats, a fishing line cat toy or laser light (I know that because of those Facebook videos) can get your subjects attention.
  1. Pose Shoot
    If you are trying for posed shoot, most pets are afraid or reluctant to jump-off. So we can set up props around them. Just remember, for a dog, slippery surface will make him insecure and it is also not advisable as it may cause some serious joint issues for him.
  1. Patience
    To click a Perfect Picture of your pet , you require patience.  Your Furry Friend may be excited enough, but it will calm down as you will keep patience and end up relaxing with you. That moment will help you to get a decent shot.

Now after sharing all these tips and tricks, it is unjustified if we can’t see some beautiful clicks of your pet. So we would like you to share some successful shots on our Facebook page under

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