Dogs are their own boss – “Let them be”

Today is 70th Independence Day for India, a day to rejoice the feeling of liberty, the feeling of living in a free country, the feeling of making your own decisions. Yet, for our dogs, it is just another day. However, you can make them a part of your independence day celebrations by taking a step towards making them a little more independent. It can be widely agreed that an independent dog is much more happy than a clingy dog. Their lack of insecurity gives them a sense of peace in life. You can teach your dogs to be independent but it will take some effort in your part.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Let them be their own Boss: Just as humans, every dog has a different temperament. Some dogs are born leaders; they like to take their own lead and not wait for their owners’ commands. On the other hand, there are some who are a little reluctant to go on their own. It is important to understand the temperament of the dog by trial and error method. Unleash them often, let them be on their own, don’t always pamper them. It might take a while, but you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Get out, Get loud: Go out with your pup to as many events, people, dogs, places as you can. Socialization will have the same impact on dogs as it has in humans. It will make your dog more comfortable in social surroundings and they will be less clingy after some time.
  • Home Alone: From the time your dog enters your home for the first time, he should learn to live alone. Training your dog to be alone at home will require some time. Keep his sleep space ready – maybe a crate training will do wonders in such case. Keep his food bowls in place and don’t make a fuss over him whenever you leave or return.
  • The Lap Gap: Dog loves affection, so do we. But is your dog in your lap practically the whole time? It gets a little difficult sometimes. Command your dog to get off you calmly whenever he jumps on your lap uninvited. Teach him to sit at your feet and wait. After a few times, your dog will be more comfortable in his own space.
  • Understand before you Act: Sometimes, dogs become more clingy due to some fear or pain. Try and find out if there could be any possible reason behind that. Maybe some kids are trying to scare away your dog lately? Maybe he is experiencing some sickness? It is okay to pamper your dog when he’s afraid, but don’t stop him from going out. Observe his activities closely and look for possible reasons behind his clinginess.

It is difficult to leave your dog alone and all, but a little independence is good for both of you. You should be there to take care of each other all the time and that’s why, your dog needs to be his own boss, just like you are. 🙂