PUPPYCHINO – Where we never run out of dogs!

Have you ever thought of spending some quality time along with delicious food and treats with your furry friend at a cafe??

Well our pets are not allowed in most of the restaurants and cafes. Even when there is no restriction, we find a bit awkward to visit food places with our pets.

Here is the solution –Puppychino- Delhi’s first dog cafe to breakdown all the awkwardness and most importantly to get rid of the guilt feeling about leaving your furry babies at home when you go out to hang out with your friends.
You can take your four legged companions to this doggilicious place where they have provided a dedicated pets play area, a snout licking doggilicious dog menu and of course delicious and finger licking hooman food is also served. 🙂 😀

Now you must be thinking whats in it for me if i don’t have a dog..?? Well don’t worry, you can enjoy the food and play with their official mascots BOBO (Labrador) and SIMBA (Husky). Puppychino never runs out of dogs, and we can’t think of anything better than that. There’s a dedicated dog space for them to play in, and a dedicated space for you to work in… if you can get any work done with all that cuteness running around. 😀

Great food, good music, treats for my pet and lots and lots of wagging tails, wet noses and licks from one that speaks “woof woof”… What more a dog lover like me can wish for? 😀
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